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February 19, 2015

2015 Year of the Ram

Welcome to the New Year in your life! February 19st, 2015 marks the beginning of the Year of the Ram on the Chinese calender. The following article from Dr. Mao contains all you will need to know about the Year of the Ram and how to thrive throughout the next 12 months.

We at Mountain Spirit Acupuncture would like to wish you a prosperous and healthy Year of the Ram. We hope that you find the following article educational and think of us to help support you along your path towards a healthier you. Please, be well.

2015 Year of the Ram

By Dr. Mao Shing Ni

Happy New Year of the Ram! Chinese calendar is based on the lunar calendar and in 2015 the New Year will officially begin on February 19.

When we look in the rear view mirror at the year of the horse that we are leaving behind we shall all breath a sigh of relief from the hectic pace and confrontations characterized by the horse year.
Based on the ancient wisdom of the I Ching the Year of Ram in 2015 represents Wood and Earth Elements. Each Element possesses unique characteristics. Wood and Earth elements are oppositional energetically leading to continued conflicts, earthshaking disasters and dry weather.

Additionally, the year of the Ram symbolizes the authoritative and determination of the ram, therefore expect this year to be filled with disagreements, oppositions and even wars. Witness the rise of
nationalism and anti-immigration sentiments across Europe and the evolving Middle East conflicts but they may be tempered by a desire for peace due to the wisdom and adaptability of the goat and the peaceful and easy going nature of the sheep.

Overall the cautious optimism of the Ram year will positively affect the business and economic climates. On the economic front the recovery in the US will continue as wage increases begin to spread across the country amid low unemployment and as lower energy cost stimulate higher spending. Globally the EU will limp along and slowly find its way out of recession, China’s growth will continue to slow as it implements fundamental structural reforms, and Japan may finally begin to see a stabilizing of the deflation that has been its main economic nemesis. Oil producing countries with high, unsustainable spending will suffer as low oil prices curb these countries’ economies. Industries related to the Wood Element like forestry, wood and paper products, textiles, fashion, media, furnishing and housing development will benefit while Earth Element associated industries like agriculture, fertilizer, cement and infrastructure projects will begin to stabilize and rebound. Industries that express the Earth Element attribute of “Caring” such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals and biotech will continue to thrive. This also includes the “internet of health” as the convergence of health, wearable technology and connected data and analysis create a whole new paradigm and industry.

Physical Health

On the health front, Wood Element relates to the nervous system and the Earth Element relates to the digestive system. Therefore one is cautioned to be on the lookout for conditions such as depression, anxiety, high pressure, headaches, heart disease, stroke, liver and gall bladder inflammation, sleep problems, low energy, muscle injuries, overweight, anorexia, diabetes, gastro-esophageal reflux disorder (GERD), irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and colitis. “Prevention”, as the Yellow Emperor wrote in the classic on medicine bearing his name, “is worth a hundred ounces of gold!” It is always a preferred way than treating an illness after it has started. My advice is to lower the toxic burden to your liver by cleansing and detoxification through fresh leafy vegetable juices, and lemon in hot water. Take care of your digestive system by eating small and more frequent meals. Eat gratefully, joyfully and peacefully and chew your food properly. Avoid fatty, rich and hard to digest foods such as deep fried food, red meat, and cheeses. Go gluten-free to avoid inflaming your intestines and cut back on your sugar and alcohol intake to stop feeding the bad bacteria and yeast in your gut that is often the root of your abdominal bloating and gas.

Emotional Health

As anger is the prevailing emotion of the Wood Element it is important that you manage your emotions carefully and keep your nervous system from becoming hyperactive. When you turn on your stressful or “survival” mechanism the cortisol in your body--the same corticosteroid drug prescribed by doctors, releases in large quantities, which if sustained at high levels can damage your heart, weaken your immune system and lead to diabetes. Lower your tension and uplift your spirit with daily meditation practice such as the Meditation for Stress Release, Self Healing Qi Gong and acupuncture, which blocks cortisol and increases your own endorphins.

Spiritual Health

Harmony and peace is essential for the survival of the human species. It starts from within each person and ripples out across the globe. As much as we may be dismayed by the world and the conditions around us we need to cultivate forgiveness and compassion. Louis Zamperini the subject of a recent bestselling book and movie “Unbroken” was tortured by his Japanese captors in unspeakable ways but after his liberation and overtime he found compassion and forgiveness for those who transgressed against him. I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking to Louis and not only was he a treasure trove of wisdom but he was also a pillar of strength who lived to a ripe old age of 97.

Relationship Health

Take care of yourself and nurture others as “Caring” is a dominant attribute of the Earth Element and avoid confrontations by staying open to others’ feelings and suggestions and find a win-win solution that values peace over insisting to be “right” and cultivate friendship which is another Earth trait.

Financial Health

Wood Element is associated with growth and Earth Element is related to accumulation and conservation. When both characteristics are harmonized, which may not be easy to do since they appear to be polar opposites it will lead to positive financial gains. The key is to restrain the impulsiveness of the Wood Element, objectively and methodically execute your plan and let your Earth Element help you “accumulate and grow” your financial wellness.

In summary, as we move into the Year of the Ram, despite the potential confrontations and clashes both on the world stage as well as within our own lives we can avoid the pitfalls that may affect our health on multiple levels and achieve peaceful resolutions and garner new friendships by being open, honest and compassionate. To explore more about your health and wellness I invite you to read the book, Five Healths for a New Humanity.

Live Long, Live Strong and Live Happy!

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