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Intuitive Energy Work Aimed to Heal and Guide People Along Their Life's Journey

Spirit Arcing is a unique form of dynamic energy work which combines the knowledge, skills, and efforts of two Reiki (ray-key) trained intuitive energy healers with acupuncture, essential oils, craniosacral work, and oracle card readings.

Spirit Arcing begins with a short conversation to set an appropriate intention for the session. Oracle or Tarot cards can be pulled for greater clarity on the intention. From there, the options of acupuncture and essential oils are utilized to relax the mind and body so the patient can better receive the Spirit Arcing session. Once the patient is relaxed, the two intuitive energy healers begin working to remove the blockages that the patient is ready to relinquish, all while balancing the subtle energies of the body. The balancing process frequently involves craniosacral work, as well as an augmented form of hands-on Reiki. After the energy session closes, the patient has time to reflect and ask questions and the practitioners have time to explain their work on the patient.

Some results that people have reported after a Spirit Arcing session include:

Why Spirit Arcing?

Experiencing this unique form of energy work creates shifts within people’s lives. The shift can be sudden or gradual depending upon the patient and where the patient is along his/her path.

Who is Spirit Arcing for?

Spirit Arcing is intended to assist those who are feeling stuck and need a boost of energy and clarity to help propel them down their life's path.

Who is it not for?

People who are not ready to shift are not good candidates for the potent energetic experience that Spirit Arcing creates. In addition, people who are already energetically aligned and fulfilling their soul's purpose will likely not need Spirit Arcing unless they become stuck along their journey.

How long is a session?

Spirit Arcing sessions typically lasts for 2 hours and can be done on individuals, couples, & in a group setting.

About the Practitioners:

Lauren is a talented healer that has practiced holistic medicine, including essential oils, for over a decade. She obtained her M.S. in Acupuncture from Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2014 and her B.S. in Health Professions from Metro State University Denver in 2011. She earned her Reiki Master Certification in 2016 and has been practicing Usui Reiki, Acu modalities, and other healing therapies since 2012. Since starting acupuncture school, Lauren has developed a hybrid form of needle-less acupuncture which uses essential oils to balance acupuncture points bringing the energetic properties of the oils directly to the acupuncture points increasing the therapeutic effect. Lauren has an amazing heart for helping others and is a mom to two beautiful children. She embodies a marvelous light to help guide others through their journey.

Brian is the principal Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist, and owner of Mountain Spirit Acupuncture. He obtained his M.S. in Oriental Medicine from Southwest Acupuncture College in 2007 and has run his own practice continually since graduating. He also holds certifications for Master Practitioner in both Usui Reiki, Karuna Healing Energy and is fluent in Light Language. In addition, he has developed an original form of Craniosacral therapy by making a hybrid the Tibetan, Upledger, and Biodynamic forms of the therapy into a unique approach all its own. Beyond the degrees and certifications, Brian has worked towards mastery of his craft while being a devoted father of 3 loving children and a pathfinder for whose who ask for his unique perspectives and grounded approach to navigating through the challenges of life.

History of Spirit Arcing:

Brian and Lauren discovered the potency of combing their healing gifts at a fundraising event in October of 2018, where they decided to offer tandem Reiki treatments to the attendees. Over the course of the next few hours of working together, they discovered that the effects of their combined energies were not a fluke and their patients reported major positive shifts. Over following months, they honed their craft with copious amounts of experimentation and practice and they are now excited to offer Spirit Arcing to the public.

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